Hiroki's nunchaku technique is released on Vimeo On Demand.

"Nunchaku Dojo"




Born in Okinawa the nunchaku is a weapon and an art. Learn its blindingly speed and explosive power!

A traditional Okinawan weapon, nunchaku became famous in the hands of Bruce Lee. Mukei Mugen-ryu founder, Hiroki has systematized its use focusing on how to bring down the opponent and explaining it in full detail. His instruction demonstrates the profound one-strike-one-kill capabilities hidden in the weapon’s splendid techniques.

ヌンチャクアーティスト ニンジャHIROKI Hiroki The Masked Ninja Nunchaku Master Website

ヌンチャク一つで世界の超人に認定された男。Stan Lee's Superhumans MASTER HIROKI NUNCHAKU MASTER